2010 Cutter Models
The latest challenge to face North American boat manufacturers has been to meet a new Certification Standard. In order to be sold in Europe, a boat must have a "CE" or Common European marking.

A boat with the "CE" mark is built to the absolute highest quality and safety standards in marine manufacturing in the world, surpassing all other marine certifications. We only uses components that have passed these very demanding certification tests to ensures a product that is of superior quality and craftsmanship, and unsinkable even with a full load.
Cutter has attained the "CE" certification standard and only Cutter and her sister companies offer this ultimate safety certification as a standard feature. All other manufacturers offer it as an option adding thousands of dollars to the end cost of the boat.

Cutter is here to provide you with the worlds best built and most affordable boat.
160 Muskey 16'-0167 XLE Sportsters 16'-7173 XLE Blazer Outboard 16'-10
173 XLE Blazer Inboard 16'-10181 XLE Outboard 17'- 6181 XLE Inboard 17'- 6
181XLE Master Fish-n-Ski  17'-8185 XLE Ski-n-Tow 17'- 3189 XLE Super Sport 18'- 9
191 XLE Super Sport 18'- 8201 XLE Inboard 18'- 8201 XLE Outboard 18'- 8
203 XLE Inboard 18'- 8211 XLE  19'- 0